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Many construction projects today make use of a combination of breeze blocks and bricks in their walls.   Bricks have the finished look and create a smart and tough face for the weather while breeze blocks are fitted inside with a cavity between them filled with insulation. This means when you are building a house, an extension or a commercial property, a supplier of wholesale breeze blocks for builders is essential.

Quality and convenience

Budget Building Supplies offers a top quality service for breeze blocks as well as other essential building materials across the Gloucestershire region. By supplying the main elements needed for a construction project, builders can save time and money, allowing one supplier to deal with all of their needs.

While timber frame construction is still popular in Scotland, across most of England the brick and breeze block system is used in the vast majority of cases. The breeze blocks are key to the system because they form the load bearing walls and are extremely strong and durable. If an outer brick wall isn’t required, the blocks can also be rendered to create a smart and weatherproof finish.

Long lasting breeze blocks

This method of construction remains a favourite around the country because it offers great value for money as well as longevity – breeze blocks are long lasting and rarely need replacing while outer layers can be maintained to keep their appearance intact.   They also create a building that feels solid, withstands the elements and looks great, even though breeze blocks themselves may not be the most attractive building material created!

Because BBS offer all the main construction materials including builders sand and bricks, builders can save money and time by using their delivery service. The company also offers their assistance in order numbers, judging how many breeze blocks may be required for the project being undertaken to minimalize waste and save costs.


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