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For most properties, building bricks are the central element used in the walls. Building bricks have been around for centuries and remain a chosen building material for a number of reasons – they are durable, easy to work with, come in different sizes and colours and are long lasting. Here at Budget Building Supplies we offer building bricks across Gloucester in all the most popular styles and sizes.

Choosing the right building brick

Sometimes, choosing the right brick for your project is taken out of your hands – if you live in a conservation area or other special site where there are strict regulations about what can and cannot be done. However, for most of the area you are free to choose what you like and what works best for your project.

There are several indigenous brick types that come from around the UK and many companies prefer to build with these. The list includes orange styles from Lincolnshire, red from the north of the country as well as blue bricks from the Midlands and creams and yellow shades across London and Cambridgeshire. But there is no rule saying if you are in Gloucester, you can’t choose a shade typically seen in Cambridge.

Ordering bricks made easy

Here at BBS we want you to get the bricks you need, when you need them and with as great an accuracy in terms of your order as possible. While knowing exactly how many bricks you need isn’t possible, we can help you work out a reasonably accurate number that will allow you some leeway without leaving huge amounts left over.

All the bricks we supply conform to the British Standards in terms of water absorption, strength, frost protection and other measures. The standard is called EN771-1 and we can provide you more information about this if required. Bricks come with an F rating, regarding their frost exposure and we can also help you purchase bricks with the correct rating, depending where on the house they will go.


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