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Building sand GloucestershireIf you are looking for building sand suppliers in Gloucestershire then we can help. Building sand is perhaps one of the most widely used supplies in the construction industry and has a multitude of uses across property construction and alteration, groundworks and even landscaping. Few projects take place without using building sand and therefore finding a company that are building sand suppliers in Gloucestershire when the project is in the area saves time and money.

Top quality and price

Budget Building Supplies or BBS have been working in the area for a number of years and offer the best possible quality building sand. This means that regardless of the size of the project you are involved with, you can order the supplies you need and not waste money with unnecessary surplus.   Our service aims to get the supplies to you exactly when you need them with an efficient delivery service as standard.

Building sand is a general purpose product that uses a much less pointed grain shape than sharp sand.   Commonly, building sand contains small amounts of clay and even a touch of salt because it is dredged from the sea bed. There are even different colours of the sand, such as red sand that can create a light pink mortar.

Building sand uses

Building sand is used across a wide range of jobs on a huge number of projects. One of the biggest uses involves mixing it with cement and water to create the mortar used in bricklaying. This can be in anything from houses and commercial buildings to driveways and boundary walls. It is also used internally for rendering to create smooth walls in a building, ready to be painted.

Additionally, building sand is used in a range of smaller projects such as for the bedding of pond liners and to create patio areas or driveways. Because it is supplied in plastic packaging, it can be stored easily and outdoors until required and the amount wasted can be limited.


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