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gravel suppliers GloucesterWe are Gloucester’s premier gravel and aggregate suppliers. Building gravel and aggregates are essential when undertaking any construction project as these are the elements that are crucial in any building. This broad category of materials includes sand, gravel, crushed stone and even recycled materials to allow builders to select exactly what they need for the project at hand.

Foundations and more

Different aggregates are used in different projects. For example, aggregates are used in the foundations of buildings as well as under roads leading to properties. They can also be used in drainage systems including septic tanks and retaining wall drains.

Aggregates need to comply with certain standards to be used in different construction projects and this is where buying from an experienced and knowledge company can be helpful.   Here at BBS, we have been supplying building gravel and aggregates to the Gloucestershire area for years and therefore are up to date with the very latest in standards. We can advise you on what you need for the project, both in terms of the cost effectiveness and the regulatory status of the building.

Modern aggregates

While many modern aggregates come from the same places that they always have, new options are now also available. Quarries are still used to produce aggregates, often in areas where finer quality stones such as granite or marble isn’t present.

However, recycled aggregates are now also available. These include blast and steel furnace slag that is then either air cooled or granulated to form smaller particles. Glass aggregate is used in place of pea gravel or even crushed rock in some projects while even recycled aggregates can have a second life as a new type of aggregate in some cases. These recycled options may not work for every project but can work for some and can be a cost saving measure while still complying with all the required regulations.


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We are one of the longest established building material suppliers in Gloucestershire offering sharp sand, gravel, bricks, beeze blocks and a variety of other bulk building supplies at very low prices. For quality at very low prices get in touch today on 01452 521920 for some free and friendly advice and quote.